Ecological houses built with responsibility

Centauri Group Construct dealing with ecological construction of houses for a healthy future. Our houses are built and optimized to reduce the risk to different types of disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.). Due to the light structure and low weight of materials used, the risks in the event of an earthquake are much smaller.
Currently, we have two projects in progress, as you can see in the following.


The Ensemble Centauri Media I

  • finalized in proportion of 98%;
  • near the Buftea Lake;
  • near the MediaPRO Studios.

The Ensemble Centauri Media II

  • going to start working;
  • located at 3 km distance from the Ensemble Centauri Media I.


Our houses are offered in 2 options:
  • GREY/m² : 398 €
  • KEY/m² : 489 €
  • KEY/m² + luxury finished : 598 €
Surrounded land + all utilities + grass + plants + alleys + parking spaces: 80 €/m²
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